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Mike Swaby is an advocate for better leadership through self-improvement.  He believes nobody is born a leader and that we can always work on a better version of ourselves.

Mike’s purpose is to improve businesses by building strong teams and by improving the leaders that lead those teams.  Experience and research taught him that being a super-empathiser is the strongest way to build teams that collaborate and for leaders to grow their capability.  He builds environments where teams flourish because they are understood and leaders thrive because they are empowered and trusted.

Mike’s leadership journey started with a career as a professional leader in the British Army.  Trained at UK’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Mike went on to lead and manage large teams of soldiers during peacetime and operations.  This gave him the experience to study different leadership and management models, adapt them and use them under the most intense pressures.  Having gained credibility with frontline experience, Mike went on to serve the executive leadership in the British Army HQ.  He transferred his skills and experience to the private sector where he has gone on to hold a number of different roles centred around growing organisations and the individuals in them.

A professionally trained leader and manager, Mike is motivated to make lasting impacts within organisations.  If you want to want to keep up to date with leadership insights then subscribe, or if you want to get in touch send an email.

You can find Mike on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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